Instantly understand the value of your business in today’s uncertain market

We provide a simple, but market-leading algorithm designed by industry professionals (Mergers and Acquistions (M&A) Investment Bankers), which helps calculate the potential value range for your business in today’s market.

Company Valuation Tool

Selling your company?

Whether that is fully or partially exiting it can be an emotional decision and often most owners make once in their lifetime. Advising on valuations is complicated enough. We’ve made your life easier by giving you the tools required to accurately value your company so you can focus on the things you do best.

Our mission

Get the price you deserve

This is the first step in understanding if the sale of your company today meets your financial goals and objectives and if pursuing a process is worthwhile.

Whilst our calculator provides an indication of the market price today, it’s important to understand there are a number of facets that drive a valuation and a number of ways to value a business itself which is covered on our valuation techniques page.

Live data

Market level insights

Some of the factors taken into account by the market and buyers 

Future financial forecasts

Synergies with the acquirer

Goodwill of brand


Ability and experience

Quality of customers